1. I am going to be moving my time slot to 10pm - 2am (eastern) instead of the current 11pm - 3pm.

I beleive that this will allow more people to watch NNR live, as it was always intended to be consumed anyways. And as always, the live show will be free to watch live.

2. You might have noticed how most of the old stream replays have been paywalled (on Odysee). I am changing the way the paywall system works, and will endevor to make it so that the most recent week's episodes are free, but instead it will just be the older material that will be consigened to the paywall.

That is the intent anyways. Also given the recent problems, and threats that have been rising on the platform, it seems wise to put old materials under lockdown until that latest storm of BS clears up.


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