How To Destroy A Society

How To Destroy A Society


A compilation from a twitter thread.

  • Make art ugly
  • Make porn free
  • Make God a joke
  • Make food poison
  • Make Dads optional
  • Make politicians rich
  • Make money worthless
  • Make buildings oppressive
  • Make men and women compete
  • Make children hate their ancestors
  • Make convince women that a career over family
  • Make the home unproductive
  • Make children reared by strangers
  • Make women be out of the home
  • Make divorce easy
  • Make government boss
  • Make idols of people
  • Make politics a religion
  • Make neighbors hate each other
  • Make neighbors spy & report
  • Make deviancy brave
  • Make boldness toxic
  • Make dissent conspiracy
  • Make weakness praiseworthy
  • Make strength undesirable
  • Make children confused by grooming them
  • Make children undesirable and expendable
  • Make divorce easy
  • Make sex causal
  • Make tolerance a virtue
  • Make strong leader "toxic"
  • Make weak men leaders
  • Make society Godless
  • Make self idol worship
  • Make history distorted
  • Make education aimless
  • Make tolerance scarce
  • Make culture guilt
  • Make abuse common
  • Make sports rare
  • Make justice costly
  • Make words meaningless
  • Make men into women
  • Make abortion a right
  • Make children wards of the state
  • Make sexual promiscuity the norm
  • Make drag shows children's entertainment
  • Make facts misinformation
  • Make babies sacrificial lambs
  • Make law enforcement the enemy
  • Make criminals the victims
  • Make friends enemies
  • Make work optional

    A list compiled from a twitter threat by "@SaveYourSons"

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