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I am going through the process of tightening up all operations and projects surrounding Night Nation Review.

This means that I will need to end any projects that are unnecessary, extraneous, costly, or unnecessarily risky.  I will be closing down all sorts of subscription services and unnecessary endeavors.

So I will have to bring the Ethnat.TV project to an end, as I'm not really in a position to run a platform at this time, which is really it's own complex and risky full time job.  Additionally it seems that Shing will continue and that there are plenty of other options for free speech platforms at the moment. The other issue is that I am not entirely 100% certain of all the other legalities of running a platform, and I don't want to take any additional unnecessary risks than necessary at the moment.  I will be taking down all the other channels on this site but my own for the foreseeable future, and possibly permanently.

I am considering even dismantling nightnationreview.com as with this venue site, it is basically a redundancy. 

I have saved all the data for the other channels just in case it again becomes a necessity, but for the forseable future, this site will have to just be my own stream alone.  I need to do this to protect my show, and to protect my own interests.  I thank all supporters for understanding.

Blessings and best wishes to all in the broader community as well.

- Night Nation Review, February 6th, 2023


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