A change to donation-video policy.


For a while I've been wanting to change some things about the show.  One of these changes will have to be that we will no longer be accepting any donation video links to be played immediately.  There are simply too many problems with this, and it has a detrimental affect on me being able to do a show that follows a pre-decided narrative.  It also has the massive liability of having no idea what is in these videos, and if they contain anything that is a problem, I won't know until it is too late since the show is done live and without a script.

I have repeatedly told people that I do not want any videos that promote violence or criminality, but yet there is a repeated issue of people wanting to test the boundary on this and other rules, and try to sneak questionable videos through, and I don't even have that many rules. Because of this, I will no longer be able to immediately play any donation videos.  If people want a video played, I will have to check it first, and then may decide to play it or not, and there will have to be no guarantee that they will be played if not suitable for the show, donation or not. 

I am not trying to run a hobby-stream, where we just play whatever, and whatever goes.  Simply having things understood to be just open to whatever, as long as it's a donation video is a serious liability for someone who is not operating from anonymity like 99.999% of the chat.  This has been a problem for some time, and I've resolved to fix it before, but then went back on the resolution.  This time I will be sticking with the resolution. 

I'm attempting to run a serious professional show, and it seems that there could well be an effort to subvert channels and creators by having them play media that is not necessarily a smart thing to play. I am going to have to have the rule be that videos will be quickly reviewed in advance, on my secondary computer if they are short and immediately relevant to the narrative of the episode, but if they are not immediately relevant to the narrative of the episode, then they will be reviewed after my episode is complete. Then included in the next episode if appropriate.  Up until now the process has been pretty much open, but this has left it too open to abuse, so the situation has changed and I will not be able to do that going forward. This will also serve to help the show be able to attract a wider range of guest, and not scare off the less politically extreme but equally valuable guests who are concerned with not going on shows that would be harmful to their reputation.

I've been trying for some time to evolve the show into much more narrative-based, and much less random and wandering.  The introduction of random videos by donation often diverts the episode from the intended narrative being explored, and I have some times received several complaints from some of the long time audience members that think this tends to hijack the episode and change the nature of it, and I'm inclined to agree.  The show has remained in it's recent modality for a long period of time, and therefor it is time that it evolve to it's next stage anyway.  This change, like any might take some off guard, as these kind of changes to shows often do especially since not everyone tunes in every day, but people will get used to the new mode of the show, and as always they will eventually come to appreciate that the show is maturing and not stagnating into being a repetition of the same thing every single day.

Thank you for understanding that the show must evolve.  See you in the next episode.

- NNR, 2/10/2023


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